All users of the website are required to adhere to the acceptable use policy (AUP).

Violation of these policy may result in termination or suspension of user’s account.

Users will not:

  • Use the website in a manner which may cause damage or hinder performance or availability of the website.
  • Use the website in for any activity which is illegal or fraudulent.
  • Use to website to transmit any malicious computer software including and not limited to computer viruses, spyware, worms, phishing software.


User agrees not to use the website to send emails which would be deemed offensive or illegal.

We prohibit the use of the website to send emails which:

  • Contain Pornography or emails of a sexual nature
  • Offer illegal or counterfeit goods or services
  • Violate CAN-SPAM laws
  • Are sent without permission of copyright holder

We reserve the right to restrict email sends from certain industries which are known to have high levels of abuse complaints.

These include but not limited to:

  • Escort agencies
  • Dating sites
  • Gambling
  • Financial services (Loans)
  • Adult services
  • Affiliate marketing


Endrop takes spam and unauthorised messaging very seriously. It is important not only for our own reputation, but also the reputation of our other users.

Sending spam violates the conditions of this policy and may result in suspension or termination of user’s account.

User must ensure:

  • They have permission to send emails to the recipients. Permission must have been given within 12 months of sending email.
  • The recipient has not opted out from marketing (including emails) from user
  • They have evidence that each recipient has opted in to receive emails.

New users might find their accounts restricted until sufficient evidence has been gathered that they are a good sender. During the probation period, outgoing campaigns will be checked before they are sent. Once the probation period is over, this restriction will be lifted.

If user imports a large list, then they might also find they are unable to send to it until it has been verified.

Endrop’s systems are automatically linked into the major Email providers and constantly monitored both for deliverability and SPAM complaints. User must keep complaints within a 0.25% ratio (so for every 10.000 emails sent, a maximum of 25 complaints may be received) – if this ratio passed, User’s account will be terminated.