Email Marketing

Endrop allows you to create and send emails to your customers quickly and easily. We appreciate that time is at a premium, that’s why we’ve kept it simple.


  • Creation and management of subscriber lists
    • Easily import your customer list from excel, mysql, plain csv, or by manually inputting subscriber details.
    • Automate the subscription process by hooking into your current website.
    • Segment customers into groups for targeted campaigns.
    • Keep your lists fresh by automatically removing subscribers who unsubscribe, bounce, or report emails as SPAM.
  • Creating Emails
    • Use our simple interface to drag and drop content into an email.
    • Personalise your email by using totally customisable dynamic content such as name, birthday, address etc.
    • Use one of our professionally designed templates as a basis for your campaign, or import your own.
  • Testing Emails
    • A/B Split Test two versions of your campaign and send them to a pre-defined percentage of your list. After a set period of time the campaign which has been most effective will automatically be sent to the remainder of the subscribers.
    • Use our preview engine to check how your campaign will display on the world's most popular email clients.
    • Run your campaign through our SPAM filter to ensure it will hit the inbox.
  • Sending Emails
    • Schedule your campaigns to be sent at a time which will be most effective to get the best outcome.
    • Monitor the send process in real time with the ability to pause or stop a campaign if required.
  • Results
    • Email open rates.
    • Click details (including breakdowns by subscriber or URL)
    • Forward to a Friend submissions.
    • Unsubscription, Bounce and SPAM Complaint statistics.
  • Post Campaign Events
    • Set up events and triggers based on a subscriber's behaviour. You could, for example, automatically send a follow-up email to anyone who clicked a certain link in your campaign.
    • Automatically move subscribers between different lists, based on their activity.