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Subscriber Management

  • Easily import your customer list from excel, mysql, plain csv, or by manually inputting subscriber details.
  • Automate the subscription process by hooking into your current website.
  • Segment customers into groups for targeted campaigns.
  • Keep your lists fresh by automatically removing subscribers who unsubscribe, bounce, or report emails as SPAM.

Email Creation

  • Use our simple interface to drag and drop content into an email.
  • Personalise your email by using totally customisable dynamic content such as name, birthday, address etc.
  • Use one of our professionally designed templates as a basis for your campaign, or import your own.

Testing Emails

  • A/B Split Test two versions of your campaign and send them to a pre-defined percentage of your list. After a set period of time the campaign which has been most effective will automatically be sent to the remainder of the subscribers.
  • Use our preview engine to check how your campaign will display on the world's most popular email clients.
  • Run your campaign through our SPAM filter to ensure it will hit the inbox.

Sending Emails

  • Schedule your campaigns to be sent at a time which will be most effective to get the best outcome.
  • Monitor the send process in real time with the ability to pause or stop a campaign if required.

Getting Results

  • Email open rates.
  • Click details (including breakdowns by subscriber or URL)
  • Forward to a Friend submissions.
  • Unsubscription, Bounce and SPAM Complaint statistics.

Post Campaign Events

  • Set up events and triggers based on a subscriber's behaviour. You could, for example, automatically send a follow-up email to anyone who clicked a certain link in your campaign.
  • Automatically move subscribers between different lists, based on their activity.

Simple Pricing Structure

Nothing complicated here, just choose how many subscribers or emails you need to send to using the slider bar below for your instant quote.

You don’t need to be exact and can amend your plan at any time.

Subscriber based billing is best when you usually send out to your complete subscriber list with each campaign.
Email based billing is useful if you have a large mailing list, but only send out to specific segments.


Emails per Month



Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly! You can start using Endrop now for FREE with our base package. There are no restrictions on features, just that you are limited to 2000 subscribers - but you can easily upgrade when needed.

Absolutely NOT. Our philosophy is to give you control so you can cancel your account at anytime by giving 30 days notice.

No, Endrop is a cloud based platform so you simply need to be connected to the internet and using a web browser. We support all main browsers, for full browser specification click here.

Sure, contact us and we can tailor a package for you. We can run your all your campaigns for you, have a look at our managed campaigns page.