Don't get frustrated, let the professionals handle it

If you need help setting up your services or are just uncomfortable doing it yourself, our remote support service is just what you need. We can connect remotely into your machine and help you out, just as if we were in the room with you.

  • Installation and setup of your email accounts (with transfer if needed)
  • Initial website upload and configuration.
  • Interactive training on how to use any of our services.
  • Solutions for any other issues you might have.

We’ll simultaneously be on the phone to you as we work to explain what we are doing, keeping you in the loop at all times.


£12.50 / credit

Each credit is worth 15 minutes
(minimum top-up 4 credits)

Download TeamViewer

We use TeamViewer to connect to your machine - all you need to do is run the TeamViewer QS application (no installation required) and let us know the ID number you are given.

Perfectly safe. A connection is only available whilst you have the application option, so once you close it there is no way to connect. Also, we cannot override your control, you can disconnect us at any time.

Whilst this service is primarily based on dealing with our own offerings, if you let us know the issues you are having we should be able to sort something out!

We use a credit based system with each credit being worth 15 minutes of support time. There is a minimum purchase requirement of 4 credits (with discounts for bulk purchases), however unused credits are kept on file and can be used in the future whenever you wish.